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Message from the President

From its inception in 1948, Southeastern Baptist College has been a school in which the Scriptures were at the center of all its ministry. Of course, the preacher seeking to prepare for a lifetime as a pastor is taught a full range of Bible subjects. All students can study the Core Curriculum courses with the addition of basic Bible classes, learning general truths from the Biblical mindset, and in a Christian environment. Even the newer Business major must conform to the truths of God’s Word. My vision is to see this central focus continue with the financial and academic base of our school becoming stronger and stronger.


President Biography

Dr. Carson was elected through a unanimous vote by the BMAMS mid-year meeting Tuesday, May 23, 2017. Dr. Carson came to Southeastern Baptist College to serve as our Academic Dean and will continue in those duties while serving as President. Dr. Carson is retired from the Army with the rank of Colonel where he served as a Chaplain seeing duty at several posts around the world, as well as wartime duty in the Middle East conflicts.


Dr. Scott R. Carson, President Southeastern Baptist College


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