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Plagiarism Policy

SBC Policy on Plagiarism

At Southeastern Baptist College Plagiarism is listed in the student handbook as one of the more serious violations. Any student who participates in serious violations will be subject to disciplinary action.

Upon committing a serious violation, the student will be required to meet with the dean of students, who may place the student on suspension for a period of time not exceeding one week. If still living at home, the parents of the student will receive written notification of the suspension. Upon returning to campus, the student will be on probation for the remainder of the semester.

Depending on the seriousness of the violation and the attitude of the student, the disciplinary committee may immediately meet with the student concerning the violation. This committee may recommend an extended suspension or expulsion pending the approval of the administration.

Plagiarism defined

Plagiarism is the act of representing someone else’s work as your own.

How to prevent Plagiarism

When using someone else’s writing in a research paper be sure to site that person’s work and give that person credit for the work. It’s okay to use someone else’s work as long as you give that person credit and don’t try to claim that person’s work as your own.

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