Building Others Through Christian Principles

Certificate Programs

Current Certificate Programs

Foundations of Ministry Certificate (FoM) – this is not a degree program, but a certificate. All of the FoM certificate courses apply to the Bachelor of Science in Christian Ministries, should the student choose to pursue that degree.

This 23-credit hour FoM Certificate will be awarded to all who successfully complete the following coursework:
OT 131 – Old Testament Survey (3 credit hours)
NT 131 – New Testament Survey (3 credit hours)
TH 223 – Introduction to Systematic Theology (3 credit hours)
PT 232 – Homiletics/Hermeneutics (3 credit hours)
PT 331 – Church Leadership & Administration (3 credit hours)
CM 334 – Foundations of Children & Youth Ministry (3 credit hours)
CE 432 – Family & Crisis Counseling (3 credit hours)
CE 433 – Practicum Internship (2 credit hours

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