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New students are assigned an academic advisor who will counsel them regarding their academic progress and goals. Advising is located in the Administration Building and is open Monday through Thursday, 8am till noon and 1pm to 3pm, for questions regarding academic schedules, programs, and requirements. Appointments or an advanced notification is recommended if you will be traveling to be advised to make certain an advisor will be available to speak with you.

Before each registration period, students will consult with their advisors to schedule classes. All SBC students should see their advisor not only for program planning before each registration period, but also for course planning questions throughout the school year.

In all academic programs at SBC, some courses are required while other courses are elective. It is the student’s responsibility to make certain that all required courses of the chosen curriculum are completed and the appropriate electives are selected. Advisors are available to assist students in planning their academic work. Be aware that not all courses are offered every semester; some are only offered in alternating semesters or alternating years. SBC is not responsible for scheduling problems that result from the student’s failure to take these intermittent courses when they are offered. Nor is SBC responsible for those students who are off sequence due to failing courses or dropping courses.

Students who have questions regarding their major fields of interest or who want help with decisions are invited to consult their advisors, staff in the Administration Building, Faculty, or Deans at any time during the school year.

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