SBC Library List of Free Religious Journal Resources

Below is a list of Free Religious Journal Resources. Eventually these will be hyper-linked but in the mean time, just Google them to locate the resource on the web.

FREE Religious Journal Resources:

Titles related to Biblical, religious, and theological studies that have their full-text content available online —

Affirmation & Critique
American Journal of Biblical Theology
Answers in Genesis
Baptist History & Heritage
Biblical Theology Research
Campus Life
Christian Ethics Today
Christian History & Biography
Christian History Magazine
Christian Perspectives in Education
Christian Research Journal
Christianity & Literature
Christianity Today
Church History
Currents in Theology & Mission
Decision Magazine
Doxology: A Journal of Worship
Electronic Journal of Business Ethics & Organization Studies
Greek, Roman, & Byzantium Studies
Hebrew Studies Journal
History of Religions
Journal of Biblical Manhood & Womanhood
Journal of Interdisciplinary Research on Religion & Science
Journal of Biblical Perspectives in Leadership
Journal of Church & State
Journal of Culture & Religion
Journal of Hebrew Scripture
Journal of Pastoral Counseling
Journal of Psychology & Christianity
Journal of Philosophy & Scripture
Journal of Psychology & Theology
Journal of Religion & Popular Culture
Journal of Religion & Society
Kairos: Evangelical Journal of Theology
Leadership: A Practical Journal for Religious Leaders
Literature & Theology
Perspectives on Science & Christian Faith
Perspectives: A Journal of Reformed Thought
Review of Biblical Literature
Scripture Studies
Sojourners Magazine
The Southern Baptist Journal of Theology
Theological Studies
Youth Worker