Getting Started with Populi

Populi has answers to virtually every question one might have as a staff member, faculty member, or student accessible from the Populi Support page.

One can access the Populi Support page from one’s Populi Home Dashboard once logged into Populi by locating the orange ‘Help’ button in the upper right-hand corner of the web page to the right of the user’s name.

After clicking the ‘Help’ button a select menu is presented. Click on “Search the Knowledge Base” to be directed to the main support page. From there the user will be presented with several categories to choose from.

Faculty are encouraged to visit and review “Introductions to Populi”, “Students”, and “Faculty”. Students are encouraged to visit and review “Introduction to Populi”, and “Students”.

The Populi Support page should be the first place one goes to answer any “how to” questions regarding the Populi system. All items listed in the ‘Help’ select menu are available from the main support page.

One might also access the support page directly whether one is logged on or not by visiting

If one has thoroughly researched a question about Populi using the Populi Support page and has not found a solution one should follow the following procedure:


  • Collaborate with fellow instructors. Someone else may have already addressed the same or similar issue. This may be done through email.
  • Contact the college office. Someone on the staff may be able to help or direct one to someone who can assist.
  • Utilize the Help/Support tools already in Populi by following the Help link found in Populi in the upper right corner of the page next to your name.
  • Call Populi Support directly Toll Free 877.596.3188 Monday – Friday 7am to 6pm CST.
  • Contact the Director of IT Services, Hubert Dyess at (601)426-6346 during office hours or email with questions and contact information. He will respond as soon as possible.

Since classes setup on Populi are very customizable by the instructors, it is the instructor’s responsibility to insure the student understands how to get started with the class, and address any needs a student has concerning the class. That is good customer service and good ministry. Instructors enthusiastically help your students to succeed in any class you teach by actively communicating with your students and responding to any question a student may pose in a timely manner. Students don’t mind working hard as long as they understand how to use the system and what is expected of them. They come to us seeking knowledge not already with knowledge.