Financial Information


Financial_Aid - fsa-logo1Southeastern Baptist College is committed to the principle that no student should be denied a Christian education because of financial limitations. Therefore, the college makes every reasonable effort to assist students in obtaining any assistance for which they qualify.

All financial assistance offered by SBC is administered in conjunction with a nationally established philosophy of distributing financial aid. The basis of this philosophy is the belief that the student and his parents have the primary responsibility for paying the cost of education, and that financial aid from the college is available only for meeting the
difference between the cost of education and the amount the students and parents can reasonably be expected to contribute.

The financial aid package offered depends upon the student’s academic record and the need for assistance. The Pell Grant is the foundation source for all other aid programs. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid should be submitted to the college Financial Aid Office as soon as possible but at least two weeks prior to registration. No other financial assistance can be awarded until the student’s eligibility for the Pell Grant has been determined.

The student’s financial aid package may not exceed the actual cost of tuition, fees, room and board, or other educational expenses incurred by the student. In most cases, an individual student cannot receive benefits concurrently from more than one campus-based financial aid program. 

A student must be enrolled at least half-time to be eligible for campus-based financial aid. Students attending less than half-time may be eligible for Pell Grant or a tuition discount, depending upon enrollment status.

Students receiving financial aid from sources other than Southeastern Baptist College must advise the Financial Aid Office of the amount and source of such aid. 


Campus-based financial aid assistance refers to those programs offered by the college to the student. These programs are made available to qualified degree-seeking students who have need after all available non-campus financial assistance has been applied.


The A.C.T. Scholarship – Students who make a composite score of 21 to 24 qualify for up to a one-half tuition scholarship, renewable each semester they complete a minimum of 12 hours and maintain a 3.00 grade point average (GPA). Students who make a composite score of 25 to 27 qualify for up to a three-quarter tuition scholarship, renewable each semester they complete a minimum of 12 hours and maintain a 3.25 GPA. Students who make a composite score of 28 or above qualify for up to a full-tuition scholarship, renewable each semester they complete a minimum of 12 hours and maintain a 3.50 GPA. 

Institutional Grants

1. Meritorious Grants – Certain students find themselves “falling between the cracks” in the area of financial assistance. They do not qualify for traditional financial aid programs, yet they are unable to afford the total expense of a college education. To assist deserving students, Southeastern offers a limited number of grants based on the merit of the student and the intangible contributions the student can make to the college. The dollar amounts of the grants vary and are determined by the Scholarship Committee in consultation with the Financial Aid Administrator. 

2. Youth Auxiliary Grants – Southeastern offers a grant to the person chosen each year as National Miss GMA, Mr. Galilean Senior of America, Miss GMA of Mississippi, and Mr. Galilean Senior of Mississippi. This grant covers up to full tuition. Recipients must enroll as incoming Freshmen and are required to take a minimum of 12 hours per semester and to maintain a GPA of 2.50.

3. H.A.N.D.S. – Is an acronym standing for “Helping Attract New Desirable Students.” The program is designed to encourage enrollment of prospective students in the churches of the Baptist Missionary Association of Mississippi and other churches which support Southeastern. Any student who is a member of a church associated with the Baptist Missionary Association of Mississippi, or member of a church which supports Southeastern Baptist College on a regular basis will be eligible for a grant of up to $400. No limit is set on the number of students who may benefit from a qualifying church. Recipients are required to be enrolled for a minimum of 6 hours per semester and to maintain a GPA of 2.00.

4. Baptist Pastor/Full-time Christian Workers Grant – A grant of up to $500 is offered to pastors/full-time Christian workers of Baptist churches. Recipients must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 hours per semester and maintain a GPA of 2.00 each semester. This grant also applies to the family members of Baptist pastors/full-time Christian workers who are still part of the household.

5. Supplemental Grant – Students who do not qualify for other scholarships or grants offered by the college may be eligible for a grant of up to $300. Such students must be enrolled in a degree program, take a minimum of 6 hours, and maintain a GPA of 2.00 each semester. 


Federal Financial Aid

Federal financial aid is available to students who qualify. Applications are available from the Financial Aid Office. Southeastern participates in the Federal Financial Aid program called the Pell Grant. The Pell Grant is a grant from the U.S. Government to a qualified student which does not have to be repaid. This grant is based on the family income for the past year plus other financial conditions of the family. An application should be submitted to the Financial Aid Office as early as possible.

Military Financial Aid

Students who qualify for military benefits should contact the office of the Academic Dean for assistance.

1. Veterans Benefits – Qualified veterans may receive financial assistance for education through the Veterans Administration.

2. National Guard and Reserves – The National Guard and the military reserves have programs which help members of their organizations with their educational pursuits.

Rehabilitation Assistance

Financial assistance is available to qualified individuals through the Mississippi State Rehabilitation Office. Local rehabilitation counselors should be contacted. Phone numbers are listed under Vocational Rehabilitation.

Endowment Scholarships

Certain individuals, churches, and corporations have established scholarship funds for students who qualify. The Financial Aid Administrator works in conjunction with the Scholarship Committee and the donor to award these scholarships.