Curricular Programs

Southeastern Baptist College offers programs of study leading to degrees, certificates, and diplomas.  These programs are designed to meet the needs of students preparing for Christian vocations (both professional and para-professional), or for those who wish to get their basic college education in a Christian college which provides spiritual and academic enrichment along with continuing education.

The following programs of study and degree plans will supersede those set forth in the college catalog.  All students admitted to the college beginning with the fall semester 2003 must meet these requirements.  Students admitted previously may continue their present programs of study or elect to meet the new curriculum requirements.

The administration of the college strongly recommends that students working on a degree take lower level courses before more advanced courses.  Freshmen cannot take courses numbered in 300’s and 400’s. Exceptions can be made only by the Academic Dean with the cooperation of the instructor of the course involved.  To eliminate scheduling problems, the suggested schedule should be followed as much as possible.

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