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Southeastern Baptist College (SBC) participates in the NC-SARA agreement between states for the purpose of online education. Participation in NC-SARA means online students residing in another state are fully authorized by their state or territory, which are signatories to NC-SARA, to take any online course(s) with SBC. 

NC-SARA does not participate in individual state or territory post educational licensure for degree programs. At this time, SBC offers one-degree path that would require licensure after graduation. This degree is the Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. Potential out of state online students should contact their state or territory Department of Education before taking online courses with SBC, and investigate if it would accept SBC education as meeting their licensure requirements. 

SBC is currently in the process of applying for licensure with the state of Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) and we anticipate gaining full licensure for the Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education in the near future. Mississippi resident students entering SBC in this degree path should understand that until MDE grants licensure approval, licensure at graduation is not guaranteed. However, our credits are transferable to numerous colleges and universities and licensure could be possible should MDE delay their full approval by the time the student graduates from SBC.