Associate of Arts, Business Emphasis


Emphasis Objectives

Upon completion of these courses, the student should be able to:

•  Display thorough knowledge of basic office and business procedures.

•  Develop accounting skills and understand good business administration practices.


BU-231 Accounting Principles I 3
BU-232 Accounting Principles II 3
BU-233 Business Law 3
BU-234 Human Relations 3


Suggested Schedule:


Year 1

Fall Semester
PE-111 Physical Education 1
EN-131 English Composition I 3
HI-131 or HI-132 History 3
OT-131 Old Testament 3
SO-131 or PY-131 Social Science 3
BU-131 Intro to Computer Applications 3
Total Hours 16


Spring Semester
MA-132 College Algebra 3
EN-132 English Composition II 3
HI-132 or HI-232 History 3
NT-131 New Testament Survey 3
Total Hours 12



Year 2

Fall Semester
NT-231 Historical Books 3
BU-231 Accounting I 3
BU-233 Business Law 3
SC-241 Lab Science 4
SP-231 Oral Communication 3
Total Hours 16


Spring Semester
BI-232 Bible Manners & Customs 3
BU-232 Accounting II 3
BU-234 Human Relations 3
SC-242 Lab Science 4
EN-232 World Literature II 3
Total Hours 16


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration follows the A. A., Business Emphasis, for the first two years of the degree plan.


Year 3

Fall Semester
BU-337 Economics I 3
BU-335 Managerial Accounting** 3
BU-333 Computer Applications 3
BU-331 Personal Finance** 3
BI- 231 Bible Interpretation 3
Total Hours 15
Spring Semester
BU-338 Economics II 3
BU-336 Principles of Marketing 3
BU-334 Managerial Finance 3
BU-332 Intro to Business Finance** 3
BI- 332 Bible Geography 3
Total Hours 15
Year 4
Fall Semester
BU-431 Business Statistics 3
BU-433 Principles of Management 3
BU-437 Business Ethics** 3
BU-440 Business Practicum 3
Bible Elective 3
Total Hours 15
Spring Semester
BU-432 Prod. Management & Policy** 3
BU-434 Strategic Management 3
BU-438 Business Communications** 3
Bible Elective 3
Bible Elective 3
Total Hours 15



Concentration Requirements
Students may select one of the following concentrations:
SPM-231 Intro to Sports Management BU-310 Human Resources Management
SPM-333 Sports Governance BU-322 Sales and Advertising Management
SPM-410 Sporting Event and Faculty Management BU-425 Marketing Research
SPM-430 Sports Finance and Economics BU-410 Small Business Management
SPM-440 Sports Law and Ethics BU-445 Marketing Using Technology
SPM-450 Sports Marketing BU-415 International Marketing
[** ] Denotes appropriate course substitutions to acquire the selected concentration areas.


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