SBC Bookstore

Please contact Emma Bond at (601) 426-6346 for additional information about ordering books.

Booklist for the current semester

It is the student’s responsibility to acquire the necessary textbook for each class he/she is taking before the first day of the semester.

Please login to Populi and visit your class’ info page for textbook information provided by your professor.  The student may then use the links below or use whatever means at his/her disposal to acquire the appropriate books.

The student should be able to email his/her professor through the Populi interface with any questions. If a professor fails to respond to the student in a timely manner please contact the school directly for assistance.

Ordering Textbooks

Textbooks can be ordered online using any source you prefer. Below are some links to some common resources for ordering textbooks. Students are responsible for having books for class when class begins. Be sure to order your books in time for classes.

Some textbooks are still available through the College Bookstore. You may purchase them or charge them to your PELL Grant “IF” you come to the college to pick them up. We “DO NOT” mail textbooks.