Admission Policies & Procedures

Southeastern Baptist College accepts those applicants who give evidence of potential success in the educational objectives of the college.  Acceptance is based upon previous scholastic records, entrance examinations, and when deemed necessary, personal interviews. Admission application forms are available from the Director of Admissions.  The Admissions Office may be contacted at

Students must be professed Christians to be admitted to a degree program.

Methods of Admission

  1. Graduation from an accredited high school.
  2. Graduation from Home Schooling, if the accreditation of the program is recognized by the state in which the student is a resident.
  3. General Education Development (GED) Non-high school graduates must present a statement from the state Department of Education showing satisfactory completion of the GED.
  4. Any student who completes a program whose accreditation is not recognized by the state in which the student resides may be admitted by showing evidence of successfully completing the GED or showing evidence of having achieved a score of 14 or above on the English section and a 15 or above on the Math section of the ACT.
  5. Transfer from another college.

Students may be admitted on transfer from other colleges or universities accredited by a CHEA recognized agency or an agency approved by the U. S. Department of Education as listed in the Higher Education Directory, providing there are no disciplinary reasons that would prevent acceptance for re-admission to the college or university from which the student transfers.

Applying for Admission

Students seeking admission should take the following steps:

  1. Obtain an application for admission from the Director of Admissions.
  2. Complete all parts of the application and return it with a $25.00 application fee to the Director of Admissions, Southeastern Baptist College, 4229 Hwy. 15 N., Laurel, MS 39440.  The application should be sent as soon as possible to allow ample time to receive transcripts and other information pertinent to the student’s acceptance.
  3. Submit either a high school transcript, GED, or acceptable scores on the ACT. A form accompanies the application that may be used to request one’s high school transcript.  Transfer students must also have an official transcript sent to Southeastern from each college or university attended.
  4. Supply other information or test scores as requested by the college.  Personal interviews may be requested. International students must give evidence of having gained the English language proficiency level to perform satisfactory college work.

Drug Free Environment

Southeastern Baptist College prohibits the unlawful possession, use, or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol by students and employees on the college property or as part of any of its activities.

In addition to possible legal sanctions, disciplinary action for violation of this policy may include expulsion.  For more details, see the “Drug Education Policy” distributed annually.